At our company, we pride ourselves on always delivering the highest quality, safety and satisfaction for every project. We specialize in sidewalk shedding, sidewalk bridging, shoring and scaffolding services to meet a wide range of construction and building needs. Our superior scaffolding services are fully compliant with industry standards to ensure a safe work environment for employees, the public and surrounding neighborhood.

With many years of experience in scaffold design, shoring, erection, and dismantle work, we’re confident in our abilities to take on any industrial or commercial project you might have for us. We’re dedicated to providing a sense of safety and satisfaction with every job – big or small. Our skilled laborers, engineers, and staff are more than capable of designing, controlling, and coordinating the scaffolding, sidewalk shed, and sidewalk bridging for specific construction, restoration, and renovation work.

Looking for a reliable and experienced renovation contractor in Toronto? Look no further than our professional general contractors at Ontario Construction. We build a strong reputation with quality services in the field of interior, exterior renovation, painting, roofing, waterproofing, masonry and structural repairs. Rely on us for safe, reliable and satisfied scaffolding in all of Ontario. We can assist home or building owners and property managers with safety concerns to minimize the risk of building damages.

Our mission is to become your dependable and reliable source for any sidewalk sheds and scaffolding needs in all five boroughs of Markham, north york, Toronto, RICHMOND HILL, VAUGHAN. Get satisfaction with every erection with our fully licensed, insured and effective Scaffolding Services.

Sidewalk Shed

A sidewalk shed is a structure built over the sidewalk and around the exterior of a building, while work is occurring, to protect pedestrians from falling debris; also called a Sidewalk Bridge or Sidewalk Shed.
At Toronto Renovation Contractor we not only install the safest, best looking sidewalk sheds in the city, but we also customize them to our customer’s needs. We can match the colour and branding of your business to maximize exposure for your company.

At toronto renovation contractor company, we work with our purchasers to create a product that is not only esthetically pleases but also functionally effective. The first step in this project was to create a modern metal cover that would be tall enough to allow guests few obstructions. Our brushed metal system was just the ticket.

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